Applied Sciences & Humanities

The objective of this department is to equip the engineering students with modern concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as applied in different engineering disciplines, and to train the engineering buffs in the latest of Communication Skills in English.
The department offers curricula consisting of the basic principles of these subjects so as to provide indispensable reinforcement to the future engineers.
The department also imparts extensive laboratory training to the students in Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills and their application in engineering disciplines.


In I and II semesters, the students of all B. Tech branches are given the following compulsory courses.

  • Physics I, II (Two semesters)
  • Mathematics I, II ( Two semesters)
  • Chemistry (One semester)
  • Introduction to Biotechnology (One semester)
  • Environmental Studies (One semester)
  • Communication Skills in English (One semester)

Our students participated in Zonal Youth Festival where our Choreography team was recommended.

The department is also running a Women Cell which conducts various activities of social & intellectual import. We organize various elocutionary contests to explore our students' potentials for oratory.






Abels flash point App.

Newtons ring

Tense Buster

Pensky Martens App.

Diffracting Gravity

Study Skills


Resolving Power of Tel.

Business Writing


Temperature Cofficient

Author Plus Pro

Distillation Plant

e/m Hellical Method

Leologiciel Language Lab System

Electric Oven

Four Probe Method


Electric Single Pan Balance

Hall Coefficient


Muffle Furnace

Plank's Constant


Redwood Viscometer

 Velocity of Ultrasonic Wave


pH Meter

He-Ne Laser Kit


Flame Photometer