Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has stood as an epitome of excellence in technical education since the very inception of the college. The department has excellent infrastructure as well as and faculty to provide the ideal technical education to meet the global industrial standards. Also, the department promotes active industry-institute collaboration by identifying area of interest and by taking part in sponsored research projects and consultancy services. The students can also enhance their professional & technical skills through online projects on account of a tie up with Pearson, Hughes Net & Oracle Academies. The department’s computers and networking setup is so healthy that Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) has signed MOU with us to conduct various online exams. The department has 10 laboratories where each student is provided with independent access to a computer to develop computational skills.
This program offers the students opportunity of multidisciplinary character.  It has been introduced from session 2004-05 with intake of 60 students. It provides acquisition of scientific and technological knowledge on the field as well as preparing the students to master wide range of theoretical principles, research method and formal instruments in order to generate research papers, as well as improve development and innovation with in the field. This programmed provides knowledge in “Advance in data structure using C++”, Visual programming and web technology. We have software lab for advance in data structure using C++”, Visual programming and web technology. This lab is equipped with computer having latest software and latest configuration with high speed LAN.
Name of the Labs being used:
  • Unix Linux Lab
  • DBMS Lab
  • Simulation Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Web Programming Lab
  • Advanced Programming Lab
  • Center for Advanced Technology Lab / Cisco Lab
  • Hardware Lab / Workshop
  • Purple leap Lab
  • Computer Center & Network Facility
  • Software Lab 1
  • Software Lab 2
Details of Software available
Red Hat Linux, Windows 7,  MY SQL, MATLAB & C, C,C++, .Net, JAVA,  MS Academic Alliance, VB, MS-Office, HTML, XML, Acrobat Reader, Packet Tracer, Hardware Kits, Linux, IE8.
List of the prestigious projects undertaken during 2012-2013
1 Online Training & Placement System
2 Property Bazar
3 Career Guide
4 Teacher Feedback Website
5 Digital Library