Applied Sciences & Humanities

B.Tech Applied Sciences


The objective of this department is to equip the engineering students with modern concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Mathematics as applied in different engineering disciplines, and to train the engineering buffs in the latest Communication Skills in English.

The department offers curricula consisting of the basic principles of these subjects so as to provide indispensable reinforcement to the future engineers. The department also imparts extensive laboratory training to the students in Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills and their applications in engineering disciplines.


Applied sciences like applied physics, applied mathematics and applied chemistry form the basic backbone for innovation in various technology areas. All technical innovation starts from the application of a concept of applied science in a technical field and work condition.

Chemistry has a very special role to play in the curriculum of undergraduates of all branches of Engineering & Technology. This is because of the fact that engineers are expected not only to carry out chemical analysis by themselves but also have appreciation for the principles, applications, merits and limitations of the modern techniques of instrumental chemical analysis.

Mathematics plays an increasingly important role in the world of Engineering & Science. Knowledge of Maths helps to analyze real world problems and equips the students with necessary skills to make sound judgments. The course aims to produce skilled graduates and develop the necessary theoretical knowledge in the areas that are crucial to engineering.

Environmental Studies: Climate changes, loss of biodiversity and land degradation are real threats faced by us today. We are at crucial juncture in human history where a generation or two will decide the fate of our planet. The department sensitizes students towards the environment and also enables them to understand the problems and basics of the subject.

Introduction to Biotechnology: Biotechnology offers various innovative techniques to engineer & modify the genome of organisms with the help of various molecular tools. Desired gene can be introduced in various fields such as agriculture, environment, medicine, industry and forensic sc. Such revolution leads to future aspects such as green biotechnology, red biotechnology, blue & white biotechnology.

Humanities: Students are expected to have adequate communication skills so that they can acquire, analyze, store, retrieve and exchange information at various levels of communication. Strong technical presentation skills have become a pre-requisite for success in industrial forum. The department integrates humanistic values and social concerns with technical education as well as undertakes teaching English and programs for personality development.

The department has the following well- developed laboratories:-

 Applied Physics: The equipment in the Applied Physics Laboratory includes, traveling microscopes, telescopes, spectrometer, sensitive galvanometer, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Hysteresis loop tracer, Hall Effect set up, Four probe set up, Biquartz Polarimeter, Diffraction Grating, Sonometer, Thermionic Emission kit etc.

Applied Chemistry: The equipment in the Applied Chemistry laboratory includes Flame Photometer,  Spectrophotometer, Conductometer, Electronic balance, Viscometer, Flash point apparatus, Hot air over, Muffle furnace, Distillation Plant etc.

Language Lab: The Language Lab is eqipped with softwares like Tense Buster, Study Skills, Business Writing, Author Plus Pro, and Leologiciel Language Lab System.

The department also runs three Clubs and a Women Cell which conduct various activities of social and intellectual import. These activities enhance the students' potential for the future life.