Master of Business Administration



Knowledge imparted in Master of Business Administration program extends out in developing managerial skills for candidates. These skills provide the essentials for dealing with real-time situations pertaining to management and resolution of problems.  MBA provides an added advantage for students from non-business backgrounds. By getting an MBA degree, you increase your practical knowledge in the field of Business Administration. Most of the business schools recognize MBA both as a professional and academic degree. Even after completing your MBA, you can continue your doctorate in any other discipline. A competent MBA program prepares candidates as highly qualified leaders. The specialized skills and leadership qualities taught in MBA program, provides a competitive advantage over others. Most of the leading business organizations prefer to hire MBA for higher management positions. An MBA degree helps you in quickly climbing up the corporate ladder with a handsome salary package alongside a respectable designation.



Master of Business Administration, in finance can offer many job opportunities with companies and government organizations because ideas need financial backing to happen. An MBA also helps employees stand out because competition in the business world is fierce. MBA in finance also provide opportunities for advancement in career to start your own business and give essential managerial learning skills that can be applied in many other business-related careers. MBA in finance is in high demand. Companies also prefer that their top management positions be filled with those who have an MBA. Also, having an MBA in finance increases the marketability and versatility of what careers you can choose, so work experience can be plentiful.



Marketing is both a strategic and tactical function that is essential for the success of all organizations. Marketing is concerned with creating, communicating, and delivering value to the firm's chosen market segments. In the Marketing specialization, you will first build a strong base of knowledge in the areas of marketing strategy, consumer behavior, and market research. Develop skills further in such areas as brand management, pricing, integrated communication and new product development as well as building depth in areas of international marketing and services management.  Graduates  can get chance to build up careers in strategic marketing, planning, product management and consulting or as specialists in market research, advertising, sales, distribution, and brand management.  A master’s degree with marketing experience makes stronger candidate for jobs and promotions.



Human Resource Management has great scope in all areas. With the increasing amount of youth population  and increasing job opportunities in IT & various other sectors, the demand for young and talented people has increased to a greater extent. The scope of HR is great because of existence of many new HR related demands such as advanced performance appraisal systems, Human Resource Information System, job satisfaction, employee involvement, corporate governance etc. The students having MBA Human resource degree can get job in variety of organizations such as financial firms i.e banks, non-financial firms such as IT companies insurance companies etc.