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The main objective of the Code of Conduct for the students is to educate and guide them to understand their responsibility for appropriate behavior and respect for others in the College community. These procedures set forth the College’s student discipline code and student disciplinary due process procedures. Students are expected to adhere and practice the same. The Code of Conduct has been divided into two sections given below. In order to make the colleges feel proud of its students, they are expected to adhere and practice the same
Learning and working
1. Ragging in campus as well as hostels, in any form is strictly banned.
2. Aim for excellence in all they do.
3. Attend maximum attendance possible.
4. To complete all projects, assignments, tutorials etc. by the agreed/set deadlines.
5. To be punctual in college as well as lectures.
6. Be equipped for all lessons with relevant materials and stationery and have your Student ID Card with you at all times when at college.
7. To work together and in harmony with other students to achieve their goals.
8. Attend all the examinations that they are entered to without engaging themselves in any unlawful practice.
9. To read the notice board regularly so as not to miss any significant development.
10. To duly report their absence from the college to the concerned person.
1. Treat and talk to all staff, students and the local community with respect and behave in an appropriate and reasonable way.
2. Value the college environment by not dropping litter, damaging college furniture or Buildings and not using any intoxicating substances in the college premises.
3. Appreciate the institutes diverse community and cultural heritage
4. To be dressed in a dignified and responsible manner.
5. To switch off their mobile Phone within academic boundaries.
6. To restrain themselves from any undesirable practices such as strike, picketing, etc.
7. Not involve themselves in ay act of sexual harassment to any woman.
8. Not to use internet facility for any activity other than academic.
N.B. Any student found not adhering to the Code of Conduct laid down by the institutes will need to face disciplinary proceedings and the decision taken in this regard by the faculty and management shall be final